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Solar Magic Light - White Light
Solar Magic Light - White Light
Solar Magic Light - White Light
Solar Magic Light - White Light
Solar Magic Light - White Light
Solar Magic Light - White Light
Solar Magic Light - White Light

Solar Magic Light - White Light

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What should I do if my flashlight is powered off during camping?
What should I do if my home is out of power?

Solar magic lights can help you solve these problems

Feature of product

  • The world's first solar waterproof portable lamp. 
  • Simple and textured design, amazing
  • Absolutely safe electronic candle
  • Flashlight without battery replacement, can be charged in the sun, no battery leakage damage products
  • IP67 waterproof rating, can enter water depth of 1 meter. Very suitable for outdoor activities.
  • Sunlight and indoor bulbs can be charged. Charging for 8 hours, can be lit for 6~12 hours.
  • 2019 style new charging indicator light, battery power at a glance
  • 10 super bright white LEDs. Includes three-segment lighting mode: general brightness, super bright and flashing. 
  • Brightness and usage time are beyond expectations
  • It takes only a few seconds to inflate and store when in use. Lighter, more convenient to carry. Durable
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors. Home, reading, car, mountain climbing, camping, night tour, emergency rescue, first aid kit, festival, lantern festival, party, gift must

      product description

      Indoors or outdoors, the Solar Magic Light -white light clearly illuminates the night, providing a pollution-free light source with solar energy, elegant and convenient for use as a work or decorative light. His classic white light provides a steady light and sparkling shimmering light, whether it's outdoor adventure or home decor, emergency rescue and anything else,Solar Magic Light always shines brightly. Particularly suitable for places where power is not available, such as remote areas and outdoor activities, and any powerless situation, Solar Magic Light offers a safe and energy efficient alternative.

      Product specifications

      • Material: PVC waterproof casing, phthalate-free
      • size: 12.5 cm in diameter, height 11cm after inflation, height 2.5cm after compression.
      • Battery: lithium polymer battery, 3.7V, 1000mAh. rechargeable 300 to 500 times
      • by weight: 113 g
      • warranty: 1 year
      • operating temperature: -10 degrees to 50 degrees C; storage temperature: -20 degrees C to 50 degrees

        Instructions for use


        • Please confirm that it is charged for 8 hours before use. The solar panel should face the sunlight when charging. The direct sunlight is the best. The filling time varies with the intensity of sunlight.
        • If there is no sunlight on cloudy days, you can also use the indoor light to charge. However, due to the difference in the type and brightness of the indoor light bulb, it will affect the charging efficiency. It takes longer, so it is less recommended. The fluorescent lamp and LED light have poor charging effect. Or the projection lamp works well, but it still needs to be charged for more than 10 hours. Please keep LUCI and indoor lamps at a distance of more than 30cm when charging, so as not to cause excessive temperature and damage the product. 
        • Do not charge in a closed, air-conditioned car. The temperature inside the car may exceed 50 ° C. It will damage the product and the battery. 
        • If charging under the glass takes longer, because the glass will block a large part of the light energy. The charging effect is poor.
        • Do not bring the product close to the fire source
        • When placing the product in water, make sure the inflation hole is plugged
        • When inflating, use your fingers to press the left and right sides toward the center of the inflation hole to open the piston and let the air enter. When compressing, squeeze the piston to release the air.
        • Do not scratch the product with spikes
        • It is recommended to fully charge the battery after each use to extend battery life.
        • Operating temperature: -10 ° C ~ 50 ° C